Open Letter to TX-D22

Dear voter,

           As we currently try and navigate through tumultuous times, struggling to find our way through the disaster that is the year 2020; we swiftly approach November and a pivotal election. November 3rd we will be asked to go to the polls, and put checks next to people, ballot measures, and bonds that will affect us locally and nationally.

Over the next few months, We The People need to reflect on the actions, or inactions, those we have voted for have taken. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have been at fault for many of the grievances we have; from restricting our freedom, to demonizing our ways of life. Putting the welfare of their friends who sit atop multimillion-dollar companies ahead of the average citizen. Ignoring the need for small businesses to thrive in our communities, ignoring the plight of low-income workers who have lost their ability to gain income to support their families. Pushing for more overreach by a bloated system that continually harms people of all colors, all religions, all sexualities. They have slowly twisted the system created to ensure prosperity of its citizens, defiled it into ways where they bourgeon selling half-truths and fallacies.

I write this letter, in hopes of garnering your attention to my own cause. I am not a perfect man. I took paths in my life, looking back I wish I had not. I have made mistakes, hurt people I cared about, burned bridges. I have followed others without questioning their true intentions. I have been young, dumb, and unwise. But, because of all my failures, my faults, and missteps through out my life, I have grown, learned, and bettered myself. I have become a person who respects and cares for others. Worries about the welfare of my fellow people, wanting for their success and livelihood. I am willing to listen, without shouting down those who differ in opinion from me. I try to accept people from all walks of life, without prejudgment.

I am running to be the Representative for the 22nd District to the U.S. House not because I wish for fame and fortune, nor do I want to spend the next two to three decades in Washington D.C. collecting checks and making back room deals. I am running to break the cycle of corruption, and self-serving that has plagued our government. I want to ensure that the voices of this district get heard. I want to help our veterans receive the help they need. I want to assist people who want to find a better life for themselves do so without hindering them through bureaucracy and red tape. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties have sold their voters that the government is bad while continuously adding more to the government. They have told the people they are making laws to help the common person, but in the end the laws benefit their deep pocketed donors. Isn’t it time for us to take back control of the government, and make them serve us again?

Your Friend in Liberty
Joseph LeBlanc
Libertarian Candidate TX-D22

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