Fight for Texas, Fight for Liberty

Mid 2019, I made a joke with my online community about running for President against President Trump and whomever is left standing at the end of the royal rumble that is the Democratic Primaries. I looked over and shared my findings on the difficulty it would be to run as an Independent and to ensure that my name would be on all the ballots across all 50 states. Let me tell you, it is exasperating the amount of roadblocks are in place to hinder anyone challenging the two main parties.

This furthered my disapproval of the two big political parties, and how they have ran our country for the past two centuries. Slowly whittling away at our individual liberties, chipping away at the Constitution, while growing the Federal government way past the point our founding fathers could have ever imagined.

So in October of 2019 I officially announced my intent to run for US House of Representatives in the 22nd District of Texas, as a Libertarian. I have a want to be a thorn in the side of the entrenched politicians from both parties. To try and counter their continued want to grow our government, their continued support of conflicts that have gone on way longer than anyone expected, their need to strip away our natural rights to feed their lust for power.

I promise to fight on the side of Liberty for everyone in my district, in my state and in my country. I will try my damnedest to maintain easy access, and openness to those whom I represent. I will continue to uphold my oath I took 18 years ago to defend our nation from threats foreign and domestic, and uphold the US Constitution. Lastly but most of all, I will be grateful and humbled by any support given to me by the people.

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