Who is Joseph LeBlanc?

I am an Army Veteran, who grew up in Katy, Texas. I have lived in Richmond since 2016, and have enjoyed being a part of Ft. Bend County. When I was in high school, politics and history became something that always intrigued me. I paid close attention to the elections and what was going on in the world. After my time in the US Army, I realized that I didn’t exactly fit into the mold of either of the main parties.

Then Ron Paul caught my attention. I started looking into the Libertarian Party, and felt like they held ideals I could get behind. As the 2016 elections came and went and many of the same people who have spent decades in office continued to hold their places, it reignited my want to discuss politics with other people.

I am a Firearms Instructor, and I have been a content creator for six years now, performing live streams of video games, and a web show focused on history and politics. During one of these streams I delved into the complicity of running as a candidate who wasn’t aligned with the two main parties. After that, I felt it was my duty to try and help represent the people of my home district. So I put in to run as a Libertarian.

My Goals:

  1. To ensure our liberties and inalienable rights aren’t further encroached upon by our government
  2. To push for Congressional term limits to get rid of the life long politicians entrenched in office.
  3. To fight for the people of the 22nd District of Texas
  4. To be approachable, and hold a frequent live streams that members of the community can ask questions and hear what is going on in DC directly from their representative.
  5. To avoid costly, and unnecessary military conflicts
  6. To help continue fixing our broken Veterans Affairs to ensure those whom sacrificed for our country get the help they desperately need.
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